Marissa McMahan

August 2nd, 2012 · No Comments
  • 2012 Katie Harrick High Hopes Scholarship recipient
  • Agnes Scott College

Everyone wants change without violence, but most people in my community don’t know how to do it. Young people fall victim to their “role models” and “idols” that convince them that they won’t be able to make money unless they get into the streets and sell drugs. It’s hard to find hope. There is always someone saying that you can’t make it. Education has been my path to survive. My after school activity was being at the Y where I studied, determined to be knowledgeable so that I will have a way out. I want to be the person who will empower African American youth and help them believe that we can survive without destruction. I hope to become a successful therapist and set an example that we do not have to keep pulling each other down in order to survive.




“Marissa is bright, intuitive and insightful. She is both a team player and a bridge builder who is willing to take both emotional and intellectual risks. She is a hard-working, responsible, and consistent student.”

 Teacher, Berkeley High School


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