Jerry L. Adams Scholarship

The Jerry L. Adams Scholarship commemorates Mr. Adams’ extraordinary commitment to thousands of community college students during his 35+ year career with the Peralta Community College District. This scholarship is intended to keep his spirit of community and political activism, as well as commitment and collaboration, in the forefront of future generations.

Mr. Adams, an African-American educator from Talladega, Alabama, was an inspiration to all of those who came in contact with him through his passion for education, his advocacy for civil and human rights for all people, and his unflinching commitment to underrepresented individuals. This scholarship was created as an encouragement to individuals to pursue their goals while developing skills that can make positive changes in their communities and in the lives of their peers.

This scholarship is designed to assist first generation Berkeley City College students as they strive to achieve their academic goals while enrolled at BCC. It is specifically for students who are in the process of completing their associate degree or certificate of completion. Applicants must have begun their study at the basic mathematics level or pre-algebra level. Applicants must also demonstrate involvement in community service activities. This scholarship is not open to students who have a college degree at the associate degree level or higher.

Non-Discrimination Policy

It is the policy of the Jerry L. Adams Scholarship to make financial awards without regard to race, creed, religion, color, ancestry, martial status, national origin, age, sex orientation, physical or mental disability, or any other non-education-related characteristic.

Common Student Eligibility Criteria and Checklist for All Applicants

(Continuing and Graduating Students)

Up to four continuing Berkeley City College students will be selected for $500 awards each year. Also, up to two graduating students who are planning to be enrolled at a four-year college or university in the following fall semester will be selected for $2,000 awards.

All applicants must:

• Be currently enrolled in at least six (6) semester units at Berkeley City

College; however, graduating students may have completed their course-work in the previous fall term.

• Have completed a minimum of 12 units at Berkeley City College. Semester units

completed must include either MATH 48 UW, MATH 248, 250, 251, 253, or an equivalent course with a final grade earned of “C” or better within the Peralta District.

• Have a minimum cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.50.

• Be pursuing an Associate of Arts or Science degree or Certificate of Completion.

• Write an essay of 500 words or less stating academic and career goals, outstanding achievement, obstacles that you have overcome, include community service work, and/or personal triumphs.

• Provide two letters of recommendation.

• Demonstrate financial need. Applicants must have completed the 2000-2010 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) in advance, as the Federal Need Analysis Methodology will be used to determine financial need.

Additional Criteria for Graduating Transfer Students Only

The full award will be paid upon proof of full-time enrollment status at a four-year college or university in the fall semester of 2010.

In addition to the criteria listed above, A.A. graduating transfer students must:

• Be graduating in the spring 2010 semester. Students who completed their coursework for the A.A., degree in fall 2009 also are eligible.

• Plan to be enrolled at a four-year college or university in fall 2010.

How to Apply

1. Application

Completely fill out all pages of the application form. Use blue or black ink if you write out your application.

2. Essay

Submit your 500-word typed essay on a separate sheet of paper.

3. References

Ask two people to write a letter of recommendation. At least one letter should be written by a teacher, advisor, or counselor who is familiar with your academic abilities. Your references should be familiar with your personal situation and your educational goals (for example, an employer, coworker, minister). Friends or relatives should not write your letters.

4. Educational Information

Provide copies of your transcripts (unofficial transcripts are acceptable) and a printout of current classes.

Applications and due dates will be available soon, please check back with us.

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