For more than a century, Berkeley has attracted thinkers, artists, innovators, political activists and problem solvers. Our city is famous for tackling tough social issues that many communities accept as intractable or even disregard.

In that tradition, the Berkeley Community Fund was founded in 1992 by a group whose love for Berkeley and for a community of hope and equity inspired them to set up a fund that would reflect their optimistic, activist goals. The founders hoped to translate the abstract wishes of Berkeley citizens for a just and caring society into concrete programs that would begin to achieve such a community in our city. Since its inception, the Fund has focused on issues of social and economic justice and the common good, emphasizing philanthropy to help stop the cycle of poverty and disadvantage by promoting the success of at-risk youth and poor families and assisting the poorest and most vulnerable around us.

The Fund has supported dozens of worthy and effective community organizations and invested over $3 million in the Berkeley community. Beginning in 2007, the Fund changed its focus and since that time, has directed all donations to 4-year scholarships for deserving Berkeley High School students who have already overcome obstacles in their lives to succeed.

Past Board Members:

  • Ginger Alafi
  • Caroline Avery
  • Skip Battle
  • Robert Berdahl
  • Carole Berg
  • Diana Bermudez
  • Thomas Burcham
  • Bob Burnett
  • Dash Butler
  • Fr. Rigoberto Caloca-Rivas
  • Keith Carson
  • Dennis Cohen
  • Penny Cooper
  • Narsai M. David
  • Russ Ellis
  • Maggie Gee
  • Loni Hancock
  • Ira Michael Heyman
  • David Kruse
  • Jeffrey Leiter
  • Dan Lindheim
  • Barbara Marienthal
  • John Martin
  • Dahnesh Medora
  • Helen Meyer
  • Regina Minudri
  • Kent Nagano
  • Noel Nellis
  • Steven Oliver
  • Martin Paley
  • Christina Platt
  • Henry Ramos
  • Michael Roosevelt
  • Alison Teeman
  • Chang-Lin Tien
  • Dorothy Walker
  • Mal Warwick
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