Juwan Rohan

August 2nd, 2012 · No Comments
  • 2012 High Hopes for the Future Scholarship recipient
  • Colorado College

My family’s background has had the largest influence on shaping my dreams and inspiring me to accomplish my achievements. Because of what I have been through and the struggles I’ve overcome as a young man I have grown into a student athlete. Negative energy being pervasive in my environment caused my mom to be exposed to drugs, helping me grown to accomplish the challenging positives, and achieve better outcomes by learning from her mistakes. Due to my father’s abandonment, I had to comfort my mom for everything. Having a single parent raising two kids I had at an early stage to take on the responsibility of a man. Shaping my dreams and defining my definition of success, the world I come from has taught me to stay focused and mature as a person.



“Juwan has focused on the positives in his life which include, school, basketball and opportunities like the Biotech program. Juwan rises to meet the challenges he faces and embraces new experiences which have helped him become resilient in any situation.”

Teacher, Berkeley High School


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