Jay Gupta

August 2nd, 2012 · No Comments
  • 2012 Gilbert Family High Hopes Scholarship
  • University of California, Berkeley

My dad was one of those fathers who would leave the house before dawn, and arrive well after dusk, so I never got as much time with him as I would have liked. When I was a kid, he would occasionally take me with him to his general contracting projects, where he showed me that the most important thing to have is the desire to help. While my dad was working long hours, my mom would have me work through extra math or writing projects to help me hone and improve my skills. I am especially grateful for this, because I think this is one of the things that allowed me to excel in school. My father entrusted me with the responsibility of handling his accounting when I was in or around the 3rd grade. It caused me to mature a great deal, having to deal with all of my dad’s money, making sure bills get paid and helping him with his taxes. I have always enjoyed the challenges of school. Originally, it might have been because of my parent’s praise, but now I expect myself to exceed and excel without my parents telling me to. I take a certain pride in doing well, and I like the challenging courses for that feeling of accomplishment.


“I have seen few young men who share Jay’s dedication to bringing people together. His ability to manage time and balance family, athletic and academic duties is superb.”

Teacher, Berkeley High School


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