Flora Ziprin

August 2nd, 2012 · No Comments
  • 2012 Jessica Pers and Robert Stein High Hopes Scholarship recipient
  • University of California, Los Angeles

One of the ways I have been working towards my goals is with my involvement at Berkeley High. In my second week of high school, I applied to be par of the leadership program. After two years of experience I was elected Chief of Service responsible for organizing the annual Holiday Meal. Now, I am the Student Body President, responsible for leading the studentsgovernment groups at my school as well as representing the 3300 students at Berkeley High. My experiences in student government have given me the opportunity to meet and relate to hundreds of different people, learn skills that will be useful throughout my life., as well as find a school activity which I excel at. Another activity which has allowed me to practice my skills as a role model and teacher is the martial art, judo. Judo has made a huge impact on my leadership skills as well as self confidence. I received my black belt at the age of fifteen and have competed for 10 years thorough the U.S., winning state and national titles along the way. However, my most prized experience has been working as an instructor at my dojo for the past two years. … My passion lies in advocating for today’s youth, for being a source of positivity and for making others lives better. I started with my own life, now I’m ready to help others with theirs.

“Few of her peers are aware or concerned about issues to the same degree and are taking action like she is. The fact that Flora is gaining so much experience in this regard now bodes well for future development as an organizational leader as she is well ahead of the game along with only a few other elite students of which there might be one or two only at every high school.”

Teacher, Berkeley High School


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