Tonisha Williams

October 28th, 2011 ·

  • 2011 Richard K. Lashof High Hopes Scholarship recipient
  • San Francisco State University

The next year I started Berkley High and began to be involved in a number of activities. After realizing that I could achieve, I decided to apply for a highly competitive five-week medical program at Stanford. The program contributed to my goal of wanting a better education and fulfilling the hopes of becoming a doctor. I know college will be intense and will take a lot of dedication but I owe it to myself for what I have gone through and to show teens dealing with the same issues to continue to learn. I know the fight will never be over but I will be one step closer to achieving what I seek.

“Tonisha’s most striking personality characteristic would have to be her determination. Tonisha turned out to be that one student who has been able to truly turn things around for her.”


Teacher, Berkeley High School