Haro Halton

August 23rd, 2010 ·


  • 2010 BCF High Hopes Scholarship recipient
  • Humboldt State University

Before I ever thought of college, I was a wild young boy, getting in trouble left and right. I always did well when I was at school, but when I left it, it was like I changed into a different person. And I left school a lot, even when I wasn’t supposed to. The house that I stayed at in was not what a normal person would call a home, because it wasn’t. There were people on drugs around me all the time, there was traffic in and out of the house, and people would stay up all night making noise. It was not a place where I could sit down and concentrate on school work. Last spring my living situation changed, and now my college GPA is higher and I go to every single class. I know that I’m smart and I’m still capable of going somewhere in my life. I got accepted to college and want to study business or economics.

Haro’s updates

“He is the unusual student who absolutely loves to learn, and who is fascinated by every lecture, conversation, and tidbit of information that comes his way. He constantly tries to figure out how to apply what he is learning to the world he knows, and he is continually reevaluating his understanding of the world as he gains more knowledge.”

Teacher, Berkeley High School

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