Who we are

BCF is an independent, tax-exempt, nonprofit organization, incorporated under Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. We are governed by a diverse board of directors of distinguished civic leaders who have experience in business, law, government, philanthropy, academia, and community service.

Current Board Members :

  • Chuck Fanning, President
  • Ann Smulka,┬áVice President
  • Stephanie McKown, Treasurer
  • Susie Goodin, Secretary
  • Marcia Argyris
  • Anne Marie Callegari
  • Penelope Mayer Finnie
  • Mia Gittlen
  • Oseyi Ikuenobe
  • Jackie Krentzman
  • Diana Meckfessel
  • Jessica S. Pers
  • Kad Smith
  • Janet Tam
  • Jules Tippet

Advisory Board:

  • Narsai M. David, Chairman Emeritus
  • Skip Battle
  • Martin Paley
  • Charles F. Robinson
  • Amrita Singhal
  • Michael Traynor
  • Dorothy Walker

Staff :

  • Joleen Ruffin, Executive Director joleen@berkfund.org
  • Lynn Walker, College Success Coordinator lynn@berkfund.org
  • Fatima Rodriguez-Ortiz, Program Assistant fatima@berkfund.org