Colleen Sparks

July 3rd, 2013 · No Comments
Colleen SparksColleen Sparks 2013 BCF High Hopes Scholar University of California, Santa Cruz Colleen is a graduate of the Communications Arts and Sciences (CAS) small school at Berkeley High. She is interested in social science, political science, and journalism. Throughout high school Colleen has been taught and encouraged to work for social justice. This will have a great impact on what she chooses for a career. In 2011, Colleen spent time at an orphanage in India teaching English to the children there. This trip--her first international trip--changed her perspective on life. She has learned that if we want things to change, the change must come from us. "She is the most dependable and trustworthy student, whether we need immediate feedback on a pressing issue or are asking for a long-term commitment to a special event, Colleen is always willing to participate." Hasmig Manassian, Berkeley High School teacher