Meagan Scott

August 2nd, 2012 · No Comments
  • 2012 Narsai and Venus David High Hopes Scholarship recipient
  • Saint Mary’s College
My mother is my hero. She taught me many things growing up. She was the one who taught me I did not need materialistic things to make a difference or matter. I wish she would have stuck to her own lessons. This situation is devastating for me, but I also know that it has made me a stronger person. I go through life every day now looking at the positive things I have, how lucky I am to have a supportive aunt to take me in along with five others she cares for. I will never forget the great times I shared with my mother or the hard lessons I learned form her. Even though she is not here with me, she is still teaching me the best lessons I’ve yet to learn: to be a hard-working person and that when life throws you lemons, you take them and make some sweet lemonade.      
“Meagan is a sweet and caring young woman who knows who she is and what she wants from life. She knows that in order to accomplish her goals, she needs a college education, and she will let nothing stop her. She is driven, hard-working and all-around great person that any college campus would be happy to have as part of their community.” Teacher, Berkeley High School