Hanson Yu

October 28th, 2011 ·
  • 2011 Rosenberger Family High Hopes Scholarship recipient
  • University of California, San Diego
Due to my fascination with technology I have decided to take place in the robotics competition in Pioneers in Engineering, hosted by a fraternity at UC Berkeley. I’ve learned many types of way to achieve one goal. In this competition I learned the skills of organizing a team. At first it was a bit sketchy, due to the fact that our team members were unfamiliar with each other. Within a couple of weeks of dealing with each other and finding our strengths and weaknesses I decided to take the role of supervisor.  This role would take all the responsibilities of proper communication would allow progress within the competition and later come out as victors among the competition. It is efficiency, technology was made for efficiency of life, and it fascinates me to obtain such knowledge through an education that allows me to machine materials into efficiency.
“Hanson is smart, diligent, unflappable and frank.” Teacher, Berkeley High School