Bisrat Tekie

February 3rd, 2010 ·
  • 2009 Tubach Singhal High Hopes Scholarship recipient
  • Sarah Lawrence College
I was born in Addis Ababa, but moved to Asmara after Eritrean independence. In August 2006, I left for Nairobi, traveling alone. In Nairobi I lived with virtual strangers who treated me like a maid, while I longed to be at home with my parents. Finally in February of 2007, my immigration papers were approved and I traveled to Frankfurt to fly to America. Only the hope of reuniting with my family kept my spirits up. The impact of that decision is with me everyday; I can look forward to college, rather than being forced to fight and possibly die in a conflict that existed before I was born and would not be solved by more deaths, I am able to pursue my dreams.

Bisrat's updates

“Bisrat is an amazing young woman who has come to the US at great risk to her safety. She understands the value of an education in a free society unlike many of her peers who take the opportunities in this country for granted. She is truly the change that she seeks. She is loved and respected by her teachers who tell me that she is a gift to their classroom. She never hesitates to assist a fellow student in the classroom or with a personal issue. She is one of a kind.” Teacher, Berkeley High School