The Berkeley Community Fund makes grants to projects consistent with the Fundís mission.  Both new and on-going projects will be considered for funding.  Grants are made to entities with Federal 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.  Grants  may be up to $5,000.  Some examples of potential projects are as follows: 

Neighborhood improvement and community service projects
Job training programs
Child care programs
Youth programs
Welfare-to-Work assistance programs
Community needs

Other projects consistent with the Fundís mission are welcome. 


Only applications from organizations that are based in Berkeley will be considered. 

For the long-term well-being of our community, we are committed to building models for social progress that will:
narrow the inequities within our community 
create hope and opportunity for disadvantaged youth
enhance cultural and intellectual diversity, while building consensus to address common problems 
stimulate public and private investments to raise the quality of community life 
The Berkeley Community Fund was established in 1992 to address local social and economic problems by tapping Berkeley's creative and institutional strengths as well as its considerable material wealth.

To apply, please send a letter, no longer than 2-3 pages, stating the purpose  for which you request funding.  There is no application form, the letter is your application.  Include a one-sentence summary of your proposed project.  The letter should address these basic questions: 

What is the significance of the issue you seek to address? 
What are the changes you seek to bring about? 
What project are you proposing and how much funding are you requesting? 
How will this project bring about the changes you seek? 

Please also include the following: 

Evidence of tax-exempt status
An operating budget for the organization 
A list of Board members 
A brief organizational history and mission statement 

Proposals should be mailed to:  Grants Coordinator, Berkeley Community Fund, 2041 Bancroft Way, Suite 204, Berkeley, CA  94704.  Faxed proposals will not be accepted. 

Upon satisfactory review of the proposal, additional information may be requested.  An interview and site visit may be conducted.


Grant applications that meet the following criteria will be given priority: 

Projects with potential to have a meaningful impact 
Collaborative approaches that promote effective coordination and prevent duplication of efforts 
A clear plan, goals and objectives 
Committed, effective leadership and management capacity
A well-defined plan for evaluation of project effectiveness

The deadlines for grant applications are June 1 for July 31 funding, and September 30 for November 30 funding. 

All proposals must be delivered by 5:00 p.m. to the Berkeley Community Fund office.  Late proposals will be considered in the next grant review cycle period. 


The Berkeley Community Fund will NOT provide funding for any of the following: 

Fundraising events, campaigns, dinners or advertising/media programs
Lobbying, propaganda or other attempts to influence legislation or other partisan political activities
Capital campaigns or endowments

Small grants and emergency fund requests up to $1,000 will be considered between grant review cycles at any time.  Please mail a brief letter containing the nature and urgency of your request.  Requests for small or emergency grants may also be faxed.  Some examples of potential small grants include the sponsorship of staff training or the purchase or repair of key equipment.