This question and answer section is intended to supplement the information provided in the BCF Grantmaking Guidelines

Questions are drawn from a public information meeting held on April 22, 1998 at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center.

What types of projects will be considered?
Berkeley-based organizations with tax-exempt status may apply for grants of up to $5,000.  Projects must be consistent with the BCF mission to be considered.  Awards may be used as full or partial funding for project expenses and general operating support, but not exclusively for capital campaigns or endowments, lobbying, or fundraising efforts. 

Examples of potential project grants include:  neighborhood improvement and community service projects; job training programs; child care programs; youth programs; welfare-to-work assistance programs. 

Examples of potential small grants include: sponsorship of staff training; purchase or repair of key equipment.

When is the application deadline?
The deadlines for applications for project grants are:

January 31 for March 31 funding decisions
May 31 for July 31 funding decisions

All Applications must be received at the BCF Office (2320 Shattuck Ave., Suite A) by 5 PM on the designated date. 

Can I fax my proposal to the Berkeley Community Fund?
Faxed proposals for project grants will NOT be accepted.  Small grant proposals, however, will be accepted via fax.
Can collaboratives of organizations apply for an amount larger than $5,000?
Collaboration is encouraged, but the grant cannot exceed $5,000 per organization.  All of the collaborating organizations must be tax-exempt and their relationship must be described in the proposal.
Can organizations apply more than once?
There is no formal limit on the number of times organizations may apply or be funded.
Can churches apply?
Religious organizations are invited to apply, but awards must be targeted to secular projects.