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The Berkeley Community Fund Award Programs

The 2006 Awards Dinner Gala is being held on Tuesday, October 10 at H's Lordships on the Berkeley Marina.

The Gala is a community event, where the Benjamin Ide Wheeler Medalist and Community Award recipients receive their awards and where we celebrate the work of Berkeley's most outstanding citizens and program.

2006 is our 13th Annual Gala! Join us for this Berkeley tradition.

If you or your company is interested in sponsoring a table at the 2006 Award Dinner, click here to download a PDF of the sponsorship form or call the Fund at 510.525.5272.

The 2006 Award Recipients are...

Benjamin Ide Wheeler Medalist

Mal Warwick of Mal Warwick & Associates


Berkeley Community Fund Special Recognition

George McDaniel of the South Berkeley Community Church Emergency Hunger Program


Berkeley Community Fund Individual Award

Arelene Sagan of the Berkeley Community Chorus and Orchestra


Douglas Fielding of the Association of Sports Field Users


Berkeley Community Fund Group Award

The Bread Project


Youth Together


Please stay tuned for detailed information about the 2006 Award Recipients!


Benjamin Ide Wheeler Medal

“The Capitol at Washington cannot stand unless our town-houses have good cornerstones, firm and set true. And this shall be our town-house; that we will respect the rights of others; that we will all be citizens and stay amateurs; that we will live together in mutual helpfulness; that we will try to make Berkeley the best town there is.” BENJAMIN IDE WHEELERBenjamin Ide Wheeler was an outstanding figure in the Berkeley community as an active leader, statesman and shaper of public opinion. He was also an accomplished scholar and legendary University president from 1899 to 1919.Biennially, from 1929 to 1991, the Service Club Council of Berkeley conferred the Benjamin Ide Wheeler Medal to recognize “a person selected for outstanding nonpartisan service in any field of activity which has benefited the quality of life for a significant number of people in Berkeley .” The Berkeley Community Fund is honored to carry on the rich tradition of the Wheeler Medal.The Benjamin Ide Wheeler Medal is awarded to one person who is selected for their outstanding nonpartisan service in any field of activity that has benefited the quality of life for a significant number of people in Berkeley. The selection is made for longtime public service without regard to sex, age, race, religion, place of birth or occupation. Past medallists have included: Davida Coady, M.D., physicist Arthur Rosenfeld, maestro Kent Nagano, chef Alice Waters, The Honorable Thelton Henderson and ecologist David Brower.

Click here to download a complete list of past medalists (Word document)

Berkeley Community Fund Awards

Berkeley Community Fund Awards are given to up to two individuals and two organizations that have contributed to life in Berkeley. These awards recognize contributions made that further any aspect of the Fund's mission of addressing Berkeley's most pressing social needs and improving the quality of community life. Priority is given to nominees who increase the success of youth, promote social justice and reduce poverty.These awards recognize contributions that further any aspect made on the basis of recent achievements and, in the case of organizations, on the likelihood of continued achievement. Berkeley Community Fund Board members, staff and sitting elected officials are excluded from consideration. An Award to an honored organization includes an unrestricted grant of $5,000 to assist in its continued work. Nominated organizations must have current 501(c)(3) tax status, or have a willing fiscal sponsor with current 501(c)(3) tax status.

Click here to download a complete list of past awardees (Word document)

Feel free to copy this form to make multiple recommendations or share copies with friends. Additional forms can be downloaded at berkfund.org or by calling our office at 510.525.5272.

Nominations must be postmarked, emailed or faxed to the Berkeley Community Fund by March 29, 2006

Decisions By
March 29, 2006
June 2006

Click here to download the 2006 Awards Nomination form (Word document)

Click here to download a 2006 Awards Nomination Newsletter (pdf document)

We look forward to hearing about which Berkeleyan inspires you!

Each year, the Berkeley Community Fund hosts an Awards Dinner Gala to honor individuals and groups who are making Berkeley a better place. We need your help to identify the outstanding people and organizations who are making major contributions to the life of our community. All awards are conferred at the Gala held in October. Please use the nomination form on the reverse to tell us who you think should receive an award.Your assistance in this important task is much appreciated!


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