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About Us

The Berkeley Community Fund was founded in 1992 by local visionaries who shared a concept of a community based on social justice, hope, and equality, and a belief in returning something to the community that had fostered their own success and growth. Today this legacy continues, as the Fund taps the creative talents of individuals, the strengths of local institutions and the material wealth of our community.

Mission of the Berkeley Community Fund

For the long-term well-being of our community, the Berkeley Community Fund is committed to building models for social progress that will:

  • narrow inequities within our community;

  • create hope and opportunity for disadvantaged youth;

  • enhance cultural and intellectual diversity, while building consensus to address common problems; and

  • stimulate public and private investment to improve the quality of community life.

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Activities of the Fund are guided by
the following core values:

  • a love of Berkeley and a deep
    desire to make it a better
    place to live, work and become
    formally educated

  • a belief that philanthropy can
    strengthen and improve the
    quality of life for everyone
    in Berkeley

  • a commitment to serving the
    less fortunate in our city

  • a commitment to diversity and
    an appreciation for the value it
    adds to finding solutions to
    local problems.


Contact Info

Eugenia Bowman
Executive Director

2320 Shattuck Avenue, Suite A
Berkeley, CA 94704

(510) 843-5202 Phone
(510) 843-4421 Fax

If you are experiencing problems with
this web site please email:

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Board of Directors

Narsai David,

Caroline Avery
Diana Bermudez
Thomas H. Burcham
Dash Butler
Penelope M. Cooper
Russell Ellis
Maggie Gee
Ira Michael Heyman
Dan Lindheim
Noel Nellis
Steven H. Oliver
Martin Paley
Christina Platt
Michael A. Roosevelt
Alison Teeman
Dorothy Walker
Mal Warwick

Advisory Board

Jeffrey Shattuck Leiter

Eugenia F. Bowman
Executive Director

Robert Berdahl
Bob Burnett
Dennis Cohen
Loni Hancock

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The Berkeley 100

The Berkeley 100 is a group of individuals and businesses who provide core support by pledging $1,000 or more annually to the Fund.

The Board relies on The Berkeley 100 for valuable advice and guidance regarding community trends, needs, and resources.

We invite you to join them.

Denny Abrams
The Alafi Family Foundation
Andronico's Market
Caroline Avery
The Bayer Foundation
Berkeley Bowl   Marketplace
Diana Bermudez
Eugenia F. Bowman
Thomas & Tecoah Bruce
Thomas Burcham
Bob Burnett & Kathy Barry
Dash Butler
boona cheema
CLEW Associates
Dennis Cohen & Deborah   Robison
Kevin & Susan M. Consey
Penelope M. Cooper
Jane and Tom Coulter
Narsai & Venus David
De Goff & Sherman
Downtown Restaurant
The East Bay Monthly
Russ Ellis
ELS Architecture & Urban   Design
Andrew Fadelli
Ronald Fadelli
Fantasy Records/Saul
Bahram & Victoria   Khadjenouri
Gordon Firestein
  & Doris Lang
George M. Foster
Larry Fox
Maggie Gee
Denee Goodlaw
Robert & Alva Herr
I. Michael Heyman
Russell Lee Hillard
David and Lisa Kruse
Jeffrey Shattuck Leiter
Fred Lincoln
Richard & Roselyn
  Lindheim Memorial Fund

Judith and Stanley   Lubman
Lois & Gary Marcus
Bennett & Wendy   Markel
Kava Massih
William B. McCoy
  & Natasha Beery
Frank Rubenfeld &
  Susan Meller
 Noel Nellis
Donna B. and
  Robert M. Oliver
Steven H. Oliver
Genaro & Maria
  Lucero Padilla
Martin & Muriel Paley
Ed & Camille
Christina Platt
Kit Ratcliff
Richard Robbins
Guy & Jeanine    Saperstein
Albert H. & Elizabeth
Jane & Joe Selby
Barclay & Sharon
Bill & Joanne Somerville
Robert S. Stein &
  Jessica S. Pers
Judith Lee Stronach &   Raymond Lifchez
David and Leigh Teece
PauI Templeton
Phil & Julie Tippett
Charles & Frances
TransAction Financial
Dorothy Walker
Mal Warwick
Westech Roofing Inc.
Kevin D. Williams
Dennis Wong
Sally B. Woodbridge
Michael Yovino-Young
  & Alison Teeman

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