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Mission of the Berkeley Community Fund

The Berkeley Community Fund serves Berkeley’s most pressing social needs and improves the quality of community life by connecting the gifts of concerned donors to effective programs that:


  • Increase the success of youth
  • Promote social justice
  • Reduce poverty


Activities of the Fund are guided by the following core values:

  • A love of Berkeley and a deep desire to make it a better place to live, work and become formally educated
  • A belief that philanthropy can strengthen and improve the quality of life for everyone in Berkeley
  • A commitment to serving the less fortunate in our city
  • A commitment to diversity and an appreciation for the value it adds to finding solutions to local problems


Board of Directors

Narsai M. David

Skip Battle
Diana Bermudez

Fr. Rigoberto Caloca-Rivas
Maggie Gee

I. Michael Heyman
David Kruse

Dan Lindheim


Barbara Marienthal
Martin Paley

Michael A. Roosevelt
Alison Teeman

Michael Traynor
Dorothy Walker


Advisory Board

Jeffrey Shattuck Leiter


Bob Burnett
Dennis Cohen
Loni Hancock

Steve Oliver


The Berkeley 100

The Berkeley 100 and Berkeley Business 100 are individuals and businesses who provide core support by pledging $1,000 or more annually to the Fund.

The Board relies on The Berkeley 100 for valuable advice and guidance regarding community trends, needs, and resources.

We invite you to join them.

The Berkeley 100

John Adams and Deborah O'Grady

Alafi Family Foundation

Eugene and Patricia Angell


Carrie Avery and Jon Tigar

Scott Barshay and Rachel Penn

Skip Battle and Hilary Perkins

Elwyn and Jennifer Berlekamp

Diana Bermudez

Lisa Bornstein

Anne K. and Michael V. Boyder

James and Carol Brosnahan

Thomas and Tecoah Bruce

Thomas and Julie Burcham

Laurie and Marilyn Capitelli

Nathaniel and Suzanne Cartmell

boona cheema

Paul Churchill and Shelly Ross

David Clayton and Gayle DeKellis

Dennis Cohen and Deborah Robison

Kevin and Susan M. Consey

Penelope M. Cooper and Rena Rosenwasser

Narsai and Venus David

William R. DeCarion and Evelyn Larsen

Vicki DeGoff and Dick Sherman

M. Quinn Delaney and Wayne D. Jordan

Richard and Tamara Dishnica

Scott and Julie Drummond

Kathy and Barry Elbasani

Russ Ellis and Julie Shearer

Gordon Firestein and Doris Lang

George M. Foster

Lawrence D. and Joan S. Fox

Bruce D. and Trudi H. Garland

Maggie Gee

Danny and Hilary Goldstine

Barbara Green

Sy and Bonnie Grossman

Paul and Jackie Hammond

Michael Hannigan

Robert G. and Linda Harris

Tim and Robin Hassler

Peter and Cynthia Hecker

Robert and Alva Herr

Michael Heyman

Roger and Silvija Hoag

Lawrence A. Hobel and Diana Staring

Bahram and Victoria Khadjenouri

Charles and Naomi Kremer

David and Lisa Kruse

Jeffrey Shattuck Leiter

Debra Levinsky

Raymond Lifchez

Fred Lincoln

Alison K. Lingo

Jon Logan and Kevin Woodward

Jennifer and Dante Lombardi

Judith and Stanley Lubman


Lois and Gary Marcus

Olivier Marie and Lynn VanHousen

Bennett and Wendy Markel

Kava Massih

William B. McCoy and Natasha Beery

Jane Metcalfe

Helen and John D. Meyer

Richard and Marlene Millikan

Marty Myers and Deborah Lewis

Noel and Penny Nellis

Joe and Carol Neil

Phoebe Rose Nichols and Robert Egashira

Barbara Oliver

Donna B. and Robert M. Oliver

Steven and Nancy Oliver

Nancy Oswald and Elizabeth Stevens

Martin and Muriel Paley

Ed and Camille Penhoet

David and Janet Peoples

Christina Platt

Louise B. and John O. Rasmussen

Steven C. Rasmussen and Felicia M. Woytak

Richard and Roselyn Lindheim Memorial Trust

John and Jody Roberts

Michael and Deborah Roosevelt

Arthur and Roselyn Rosenfeld

Frank A. Rubenfeld and Susan Meller

Jeanine and Guy Saperstein

A. H. and Elizabeth F. Schaaf

Contee and Margaret Seely

Jane and Joe Selby

Barclay and Sharon Simpson

Bobbie Singer

Bill and Joanne Somerville

Sandra Springs

Robert S. Stein and Jessica S. Pers

David Stoloff and Susan Klee

Meredith L. Stout

Patricia and Peter Sussman

The Teece Family Foundation

Alison Teeman and Michael Yovino-Young

Paul Templeton

Jeremy W. Thorner

Phil and Jules Tippett

Frances and Charles Townes

Michael and Shirley Traynor

Michael Tubach and Amrita Singhal

Jacqueline Tully and Nancy Beth Aboulafia

Dorothy Walker

Mal Warwick

Scott and Cynthia Verges

Bruce and Linda Williamson

Peg and Bruce Winkelman

Dennis Wong

Sally B. Woodbridge

Gordon and Evelyn Wozniak

Eva Yarmo and David Rosenthal

Mitchell Zeemont and Laura Blair

The Berkeley Business 100

Albert Nahman Plumbing

Andronico's Market

Arguedas, Cassman, and Headley

The Bayer Foundation

Berkeley Bowl Marketplace

Berkeley Cement, Inc

Bloom & Company

Cooper Law Offices

Direct Line TeleResponse

Downtown Restaurant

The East Bay Monthly

Fantasy Records/The Saul Zaentz Company

Forty Forty Experience Design

The Gardener

Give Something Back

Gordon Commercial Real Estate

Grocery Outlet, Inc.

Heller Consulting


Jeremy's Retail, Inc.

L.J. Kruse Co.

Levitch Associates, Inc.

Kim and Barbara Marienthal/Coldwell Banker

Mal Warwick & Associates

Meyer Sound Laboratories

Moore Iacofano Goltsman, Inc.

Moran Engineering

MPR Financial

Randall Fong, Inc.


Red Wagon Kids, Inc.

The Roda Group


The Tile Shop

TransAction Financial Corp.

Wareham Development Corporation

Westech Roofing Inc.

Wilderness Travel, Inc.



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