Jake’s Chinese Egg Pancake

Hao "Jake" Ma, Humboldt State

Hao "Jake" Ma (2014), Humboldt State

“This recipe holds a lot of my childhood memories. I remember waking up every weekend morning, when I was in elementary school, to the smell of fried egg. The smells from the kitchen let me know my breakfast was ready. I would get up, go to the bathroom, wash my hands and face, and walk straight to the kitchen to start my breakfast. I ate a lot of these pancakes, because they are just so good. They may have helped put on a few extra pounds too! These pancakes are easy and fast to make and can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They have most of the nutrition you need too. Most of the time, I eat them for breakfast. This year, I am living off campus and have to make at least one meal a day. If I get busy during finals or midterms, this is always my #1 recipe to make. Sometimes, I cook these egg pancakes for my friends when they come over, and they love them too.” Jake, January 2016   INGREDIENTS 1 egg 1 tortilla Handful of chopped lettuce Tbsp of chopped green onion Dash of Hot chili sauce or Sriracha (to taste) That’s all you need.   PREPARATION Pan fry the tortilla until it’s warm, then set it aside on a plate. Next, pan-fry the egg, until the egg is cooked thoroughly. Put the egg on the top of the tortilla. Add the sriracha or spicy sauce, chopped green onion and lettuce on the top of the egg. Then all you need to do is fold it and eat it. You can roll it like a sushi shape or like a burrito, based on your personal preference.   Well done!   Hopefully you will like my Chinese egg pancake.