Career Planning Checklist

Check off these activities while you are still in college to help you prepare for your career after college. -Visit your career center to learn about different career paths and tap into helpful career development resources. Do this your freshman year and use the career center as a resource throughout your academic career. -Take personality tests at the career center to see potential careers and types of industries that might be a good fit for you -Get help updating your resume and create tailored versions for each industry you want to find work in. -Conduct mock interviews and get comfortable talking about your skills, abilities and interests -Attend career workshops and career fairs – bring your resume and be prepared to ask questions -Ask your career center for help finding a summer internship -Participate in internships and campus jobs to gain work experience and to test out different careers -Speak to professors you admire, whose research interests you, or whose careers you’d like to learn more about. Connect with them on LinkedIn. Ask them about research opportunities, etc. -Create a LinkedIn profile -Research industries, possible career paths for various majors, and corresponding salaries. -Reach out to alumni who work for businesses or organizations that interest you. Alumni are often willing to help fellow alum. Ask for informational interviews with people who have careers you admire. -Evaluate your courses – What are your strong courses?  Which ones are more challenging? Which classes do you look forward to and which ones do you dread? This information should help guide your choice of major and career interests. -Talk to everyone about your interests and passions. If friends, parents’ friends, former teachers, coaches, etc. know people in an industry that interests you, ask for an introduction. Then set up an informational interview to learn more about their work and to seek career advice. -Apply for summer internships during the months of November – February. Evaluate your internship experience. What did you learn, like, and dislike? Does this field seem like a good fit? -Do your research, preparation, and exploration, while you are still in college, so you will have a plan for when you graduate. You can always adjust your plan along the way -Keep a career journal and jot down all of the career-related activities you are engaged in.  Take time to reflect on activities, classes, extracurriculars you enjoyed and didn’t enjoy. Set long term and short term goals for yourself. -Reach out to your BCF mentor, the BCF College Success Coordinator, professors, college advisors, and career mentors for help and advice. Dowload pdf version of Career Planning Checklist