Paola Alonso Franco

July 2nd, 2013 · No Comments
Paola Alonso FrancoPaola Alonso Franco 2013 Battle Family High Hopes Scholarship I Boston University Paola has been a part of the Y-Scholars program, the Berkeley High Crew team, and Berkeley’s “District English Learner Advisory Council,” a committee dedicated to advocating for K-12 English learners.  Paola would like to study economics to help her understand how the achievement gap for minority students can be closed. “I believe her most striking personality characteristic is her confidence in taking on new responsibilities and leadership roles, as well as her ability to seamlessly micromanage all of her tasks, while minimizing stress.” Chelsea Tuomi, Academic Counselor, Y-Scholars Program “Paola has matured beautifully over the years from a very dedicated, yet somewhat shy, student in sixth grade into an extremely poised and self-assured young adult. Her most striking personality trait is her calm, focused desire to learn, change and grow.” Mary Patterson, Bilingual teacher, Longfellow Middle School