Mohammed Aledlah

July 2nd, 2013 · No Comments
Mohammed AledlahMohammed Aledlah 2013 BCF High Hopes Scholar University of California, Merced As a toddler, Mohammed moved from Yemen with his family to the United States. Throughout high school he has been an active leader in the Associated Student Body, the Green Academy Learning Community and Y-Scholars. Last summer, Mohammed traveled to Nicaragua with Global Glimpse where his delegation built a mobile school for homeless children. He hopes to pursue a degree in Business Administration. “Through his year as Junior Class President, I saw him blossom into a multi-dimensional leader who not only was effective because of his charismatic qualities, but because of his organizational and speaking skills... Very few students demonstrate his strength of character, commitment, and desire to ever-higher levels of being.” Christopher Young, BHS Director of Student Activities “Mohammed is fully capable of achieving academic success at the next level, and he is one of our hardest working and higher achieving students in the Green Academy at Berkeley High... He is a generous young man, and he works hard to reach his personal aspirations, while also playing a significant role in uplifting his community.” Skyler Barton, BHS College Counselor