Meriem Osman

July 3rd, 2013 · No Comments
Meriem OsmanMeriem Osman 2013 Marion Marshall High Hopes Scholar Cal State University, Long Beach Meriem has been active with Berkeley High’s Associated Student Body and with the UC Berkeley Youth Outreach committee. In her junior year, she started the Giving Back Club which is centered on global issues such as the famine in Somalia. Meriem speaks three languages—Tigre, Arabic, and English—and would like to major in political science, international relations and ethnic studies. “Determined, calm, hardworking.” Angela Price, BHS College Adviser “Beneath that calm, polite composure is a fierceness; Meriem’s drive to learn and achieve belie her passive appearance. In the 37 years that I have taught English, I easily place Meriem in the top 10% of all students with whom I have worked.” Susan Jones, BHS IB English Instructor