Jamila Espinosa

August 2nd, 2012 · No Comments
  • 2012 Marion Marshall High Hopes Scholarship recipient
  • Pomona College
Growing up I saw how my parents’ job choices were limited because they did not have the opportunity to receive an education in this country. I use those experiences as motivation to pursue my own dreams. I take my studies seriously because I know that without a college education I cannot be successful. I know that if I work hard enough now, I will have a multitude of choices in the future. Being in the International Baccalaureate program has taught me to think critically and analytically. The challenging coursework, with which my parents could not help, forced me to become resourceful, and has prepared me for independence in college. I see college as the foundation of my future, and the platform form which I will influence the world.      
“She cares deeply for social justice, international relations, and the well-being of others. She is well rounded and has a critical mind that will allow her to pursue her interests to the fullest extent possible. There are not many students as dedicated as Jamila.” Teacher, Berkeley High School