Ilse Rueda

November 11th, 2011 ·
  • 2011 Berkeley Community Fund High Hopes Scholarship recipient
  • San Francisco State University
I know that I can create a better future for myself, one that will help me avoid working at hard labor like my parents but more importantly, one that will allow me to help others, as I did in BOCA (Berkeley Organizing Congregations for Action). Just as I hope to realize my dreams, I would like to help my parents and 22 year old brother, who also had to drop out of school, as well as other undocumented immigrants, realize theirs. After three years volunteering at Children’s Hospital as part of the Community Partnership Academy, I want to become a physician or social worker who will focus on improving the health of my patients. By giving to others, I know that I will get much more than what I already have.
“Ilse is a committed student, a unique individual and truly cares about making a change in the Bay Area and beyond.” Teacher, Berkeley High School