Eric Jung

November 11th, 2011 ·
  • 2011 BCF/BHS Class of 1951 High Hopes Scholarship recipient
  • University of California, Berkeley
As my participation in Aim High ended, I initiated my own middle school program, The Young Peoples Program. It was a way to jumpstart my dream of being an educator. I spent two months in meetings with Willard Middle School’s administration to get the program finalized; a school where the achievement gap is present. At last the tutoring and mentoring program was ready to go. I carefully selected 15 tutors from Berkeley High through an application process and brought them to Willard twice a week after school. Our mission is to help students with any subject they need help in and also to prepare them for Berkeley High, where many of them will attend. My personal goal was to ensure that these students would have equal opportunities and resources to do well because I could definitely relate to their situation. After being admitted to U.C. Berkeley, I am excited to be able to continue YPP for the next years to come.
“During the four years that I have known Eric, he has shown his compassionate spirit to all people. Eric’s consideration extends beyond the walls at Berkley High School.” Teacher, Berkeley High School