Jody Lyman

August 23rd, 2010 ·
  • 2010 BCF High Hopes Scholarship recipient
  • San Francisco State University
In the beginning of junior year, I started working at a medical office as a receptionist. I got this job in hopes of helping to fend for myself. Because of my mother’s financial situation, there isn’t any extra money to go around. I took the initiative and found myself a job. Two things came from this. One, being the fact that I could pay for my own things, wouldn’t have to ask for money and was able to afford going out with friends. Secondly, it has given me a work ethic that most kids my age don’t seem to have. I have learned about responsibility and how that one trait is a big part of being successful. I have worked there for almost two years now, and that is not something most teenagers can say.

Jody’s updates

“Jody is an amazing student, and a great young woman. She continues to impress me each day with her poise, maturity and dedication to school. She deserves this award and will make the entire Berkeley community proud in the future.” Teacher, Berkeley High School