Fatima Rodriguez-Ortiz

August 23rd, 2010 ·
14459025_10210280964198004_1142433754_n2010 Brosgart/Gross Family High Hopes Scholarship recipient University of California, Santa Cruz An example of my dedication to school is when I gave up basketball, the sport I loved to play so much. Instead, I focused on my academics and my interest in science led me to take a challenging biotech class. At first, the class was easy, but quickly found myself struggling to keep up. I remember telling my mom that I wanted to quit because the class was taking a lot of my time and it was difficult, but she reminded me to keep going since it would be all worth it at the end. Her words inspired me. When I got my first exam back, and received an A+, I realized that my hard work truly paid off. I even got an internship at Bayer where I got to work with professional scientists that mentored and taught me many skills. I am very proud of what I have achieved and have learned that I am a strong person who can accomplish anything I set my mind to. Who knows, maybe I’ll get to resume playing basketball in college.

Fatima’s updates

“Most of my students struggle with both the math and science, Fatima was an exception. Her performance in the class was outstanding. Fatima is personable and is well liked by peers. She shows a quiet confidence in her abilities; knows she is capable but her confidence comes with no arrogance. I am confident that she will adapt and thrive in a college environment.” Teacher, Berkeley High School