Zulma Munoz

February 3rd, 2010 ·
  • 2008 Shirley and Michael Traynor High Hopes Scholarship recipient
  • University of California, Berkeley
My mother and father have taught me to be strong and to always pursue my dreams. I have learned to never give up even through the most difficult circumstances. Every obstacle I face is extremely devastating but in the end I know that I only becoming a stronger person... my faith and commitment to achieve my goals overpowers all my weaknesses and keeps me going every day.

Zulma's updates

“As a freshman in Berkeley High, Zulma was selected to be part of the Varsity team, something that not a lot of freshmen have been allowed to do, due to her great talent, focus and skills in the sport. Zulma is an exceptional student who has a passion for learning and an eagerness to continue exploring and making a difference in the world." Teacher, Berkeley High School