Arai Buendia – College Graduate

February 3rd, 2010 ·
  • 2009 Berkeley Community Fund High Hopes Scholarship recipient
  • San Francisco State University
  Arai Buendia graduated in May 2013. She received a Bachelor of Science in Health Education with a concentration in Community Health.   Arai’s passion for preventive health started when she was a sophomore in high school and continued throughout college. In college, Arai actively participated in local and national conferences. She attended the XIX AIDS Conference in Washington, DC; received a scholarship to attend the 140th American Public Health Conference (APHA) in San Francisco; planned, hosted and moderated panels at the first Youth + Tech + Health Conference (YTH Live); and presented an abstract at San Francisco State’s first Health Summit. Arai also conducted research at UC San Francisco’s Health and Aging Institute, served on the editorial board of the scholarly Journal of Homosexuality and the board of the Latino Caucus for Public  Health.   Arai plans to work in the public health field and apply to graduate school, where she wants to pursue an MBA with a concentration in Health Management.